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When I started this LiveJournal, I didn't really put sufficient thought into my choice of user name. I originally started it in response to a suggestion from someone in my church that I should post my sermons online. Hence "nevlybap" for [sermons preached at] North East Valley Baptist. On subsequent reflection, I feel I shouldn't have used this name for something done entirely off my own bat—it should only have been used for something that was officially produced by the church. Not that anyone has commented, nor do I expect it would cause any concern. However, in view of the current situation of the church, I am considering the possibility of relinquishing this LJ and beginning a new one, transferring the contents of this one over.

The situation is that the church is on the verge of choosing a new pastor. Whether I continue this LJ under this name depends on that choice, as my own hat is in the ring. If I am chosen, then I will keep the nevlybap name, and I will perhaps be a little more assiduous in maintaining the journal. Otherwise I will wait a while, then close it and (perhaps) transfer the contents to a new LJ.

So, to those few who have friended me, and anyone else who happens to read it, I covet your prayers. A very great deal rides on this for me, even more than my nearest and dearest probably realise. At the same time, it is even more vital that the church chooses the best person for her ministry.

Mā te Atua tātou e manaaki.

Message to mnyjntin

I am repeatedly getting email messages telling me that mnyjntin has friended me.  According to the profile, mnyjntin has five journal entries, but they don't actually appear on my browser.  And mnyjntin doesn't appear on my "Friend of" list.  I don't know if mnyjntin is genuinely trying to friend me and some glitch keeps happening, or whether there is some sort of bot that keeps automatically friending me and unfriending me. It doesn't seem to be happening often enough to be malicious or even particularly annoying, but I would like to know what's happening.

So, mnyjntin, if you could please reply to this post, we may be able to sort it.  Cheers.

The pain in discipleship

Preached at North East Valley Baptist Church, June 22, 2008—Fifth Sunday after Trinity

First Reading:
Acts 21.7–16
Gospel Reading: Matthew 10.24–39

The pain in discipleshipCollapse )

The Call of Matthew

Preached at, Owaka Presbyterian Church, June 8, 2008—the Third Sunday after Trinity

1st Reading: Hosea 6.3–6
2nd Reading: Romans 4.18–25
Gospel Reading: Matthew 9.9–13
The Call of MatthewCollapse )

"You cannot serve God and money!"

Preached at North East Valley Baptist Church, Dunedin, NZ, on Sermon May 25, 2008—the Second Sunday after Pentecost

First reading:
Isaiah 49.8–16a
Second reading: 1 Corinthians 4.1–5

Gospel Reading:
Matthew 6.24–34

Sermon: You cannot serve God and money!Collapse )

The temptation of the Lord

Genesis 2.7–9; 3.1–7
Romans 5.12–19

Gospel Reading: Matthew 4.1–11

The temptation of the LordCollapse )

The Baptism of the Lord

Preached at Owaka Presbyterian Church, January 13, 2008

Isaiah 42.1-4, 6-7
Acts 10.34-38

Gospel Reading:
Matthew 3.13-17

The Baptism of the LordCollapse )

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the day when the church commemorates Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Gospel Reading: Mark 11.1–10

Other readings:
Psalm 24
Philippians 2.6-11

SermonCollapse )

The human heart of God

Readings are from the English Standard Version
Jeremiah 31.31–34
Hebrews 5.7–9

Gospel reading: John 12.20–33
Sermon: The human heart of GodCollapse )

Hi all.

I am in fact the same person as pelliondance on my friends list, and personal stuff about me can be found on my Profile page under that name. This LiveJournal has been created mainly to post sermons I have delivered at North East Valley Baptist Church in Dunedin, New Zealand, where I am involved in interim pulpit supply while we are between pastors. People in the church have expressed an interest in accessing my sermons online, and I have created this blog in response.  I am also including sermons preached at Owaka Presbyterian Church near the south coast of the South Island, where I minister once a month.

I welcome all courteous feedback, whether in agreement with my material, or in disagreement, or just wanting to make contact.

Mā te Atua koutou e manaaki.